The company was originally registered as BRODLIE ENTERPRISES. It started its operations in the early- 1980’s with a meager capital investment.

BRODLIE ENTERPRISES was borne out of the need for high quality and affordable medical supplies and equipment by various Medical Research and Learning Institutions as well as practitioners in the field of Medical Radiology.

In 1987, in response to the growing market for second hand equipment, BRODLIE ENTERPRISES enlisted competent and capable engineers, and started engaging in the sales of reconditioned x-ray machines.

Eventually BRODLIE established its name in the market for refurbished x-ray equipment. In 1995, BRODLIE ENTERPRISES became a corporation and listed under the name BRODLIE MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC.

Despite great competition in the local market, BRODLIE MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC remained unfailing and progressive. Good service and quality products have always remained its main thrust.